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Rent to own homes are in extremely short supply.  The next completed properties are expected in mid 2020.  Call us today to discuss your unique situation we will put together a custom rent-to-own package that will have you owning your new home faster than you can imagine.

RENT - TO - OWN (Limited Supply)

What is a Rent-To-Own? A Rent-To-Own is also known as a lease option. Rent-To-Own is where you lease the property now and have the option of purchasing it at some later date for the price you negotiate upfront.


Call us for availability and pricing.


Is Rent-To-Own for me? A Rent-To-Own is not for everybody. If you can buy the property now, then you should enjoy the benefits of owning it now. If you find yourself in a situation where you need some time to save a down payment or fix credit or income issues, then it may be the right program for you. Everyone has a unique situation, and the plan should fit that unique situation. Call us today and let’s discuss your unique situation.


How much do I pay for a Rent-To-Own? The answer is it depends on the model and current rent values, estimated future appreciation and interest rates. Other factors include the length of time for the option to purchase. Call Us for current pricing.

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